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This mistake is followed with an error mesSage:“Unhandled exception mistake has happened in a component in your program. If basically simply clicking Continue, the application type will ignore this error and attempt to keep. Index was not within the range. Must be positive and below the dimensions of the selection. Parameter name: index.” Run Peachtree Accounting on Mac.

When the customer come across such an issue, just basically click continue evaluation restricts accessibility. While trying going through the distinction from one out of both the reports:  Balance Piece or Income Declaration, this error happens. Sage Support Number The edited information were eliminated before the big mistake happens. This mistake comes up while choosing a person preparing the bill.

Why Does the Error Occur?

The primary reason why the big mistake happens is the distinction identified in evaluation opened are eliminated or eliminated from the Chart of Records.

How to Fix the Sage 50 Unhandled Exception to this rule Error?

The options for the big mistake described below are for two conditions in which the big mistake happens. Go through activities rightly to get successful result.

In scenario the big mistake happens while producing report

In this scenario you have to end all the opinions while editing the Chart of Records. Make sure that evaluation you want to obtain having choice are during the below activities are executed.


Sage 50 is a popular company bookkeeping program tailored with productive features for smooth cost-effective and bookkeeping power over the procedure and little areas of all areas. The automated features and resources hasten the regular tasks and will reduce initiatives and precision of labor. As program and mistakes go part available, Sage 50 program also activities mistakes. Usually Sage 50 mistakes are followed with an error mesSage. When Sage 50 exceeds the utmost allowed connections, mistake happens. This mistake is also followed with an error mesSage:

“You have achieved the utmost allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting. Please restart Sage 50 when one of the other clients has disconnected.” If you look at Ricoh Printer Tech Support Phone Number page, you can see an example of those Get a Free Quotes.

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