July 1, 2022

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Viking people’s new show running guards are ready to serve

During the offset period, Minnesota Viking Star runs to Adrian Peterson, praised his teammates, wholesale jerseys online running Jerick McKinnon. Now this rookie running has replaced the first hair of the team. In the case of Pitters, Macinton has become the first in the team’s location in the presence of the team’s position.

“This is like a cyclone,” said Macquard. “Everything took place so fast. I think I’ll make myself ready wholesale nfl jerseys for sale whatever is going to happen only from a rookie point of view, a lot of things will certainly happen to me, I have experienced many different things But I think this will help me be a better wholesale nfl jerseys for sale running guard. “

McKinnon is obviously the most powerful running guard in Viking. As his play time on his play, Viking people are letting this flexible running guards more tasks. He participated in the team’s 46% offense and 11 shohed 40 yards, compared with it. The West Asia receives only 2 yards. The rookie playing the Vikings lose the game also with 6 catches wholesale nfl jerseys for sale 42 yards to lead the team. Last week, he was the most powerful offensive player of Viking.

In this Sunday, McGotong Agricultural Career, Viking will face Buffalo, this rookie will once again face difficult test. Bill has one of the most powerful defensive front lines of the Alliance, and they allow the opponent to rush out of the 67.5 yard rankings in terms of mushroom defense.