July 7, 2022

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Pony urgently need to retrieve the status of Weilan Delhi

Laron Landry was replaced after the 11th week, but he was replaced by Surgio Brown during his prevailing, so he was replaced by Sergio Brown. After the return of Randri returned, the game was almost a large half of the Brown, and the number of appearances of the two games after his backup is 209 and 228 files. However, Landri has successfully taken back the main position after the sixteenth week after successful performance.

Landri contributed +4.2 scores in the last seven games in the regular season, which was significantly higher than the +2.4 points of Brown. Seven weeks of anti-running scores in Seven weeks of Randri is +3.2, and ranked in all safety seventh. However, in terms of cover defense, Landri seems to have fluctuated, especially in the face of Dallas Cowboy, Deni Die Tongger Jason – Jason Witten is the first attack, and cheap jerseys from china let Cowboy completed a pass to the ball, and his coverage defensive score was only -1.3.

However, since the future game, Randri’s anti-junction seems to suddenly disappear, nfl jerseys and the two game light scores added to only -3.6 points, but in the coverage defense, there is slightly improved. However, for the current little Malays, the ground defense is more urgent. In particular, their next opponent is a new England patriot that has been in the ground attack, so the little horse urgently needs Rules Rules. The latter half of the anti-run state.