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We are rolling out new capabilities to help administrators protect organization information and handle Perspective for Mac with ease while supporting a simplified consumer encounter.

In the coming weeks, we will add enhancements to support account settings management and managed preference settings in Perspective for Mac.

In the past, Workplace  clients had to manually add their perform records when launching Perspective for Mac for initially. Office 365 Tech Support Number We’re helping customer simplify the activation encounter by reducing the variety of actions for certain activation states.

Starting in edition ., administrators can now instantly add the Workplace activation present e-mail deal with in Perspective for Mac.

When this preference key is deployed, Workplace  get in contact with information will be instantly included when they begin the app and their account will instantly begin syncing with Perspective for Mac. In many cases, no clicks are needed after the initial release. If more information is needed, such as multi-factor authentication, the consumer will be prompted as needed.

Note: This account settings capability supports adding Workplace  and Exchange records only. Consideration for adding other account types, such as Exchange on-premises mail boxes, will proceed as we learn from feedback from clients.

Specify present e-mail deal with or domain of Workplace  mail box to be added

With edition . or above, administrators can use a new preference key to specify a complete present e-mail deal with or a particular domain to be included in Perspective for Mac instead of the Workplace activation present e-mail deal with.

When specifying a complete present e-mail deal with, the entire present e-mail deal with will be included in Perspective on first release. When specifying a domain, the local-part of the Workplace activation present e-mail deal with will be used with the domain specified. These changes will simplify the consumer encounter and they will be prompted only for needed organization credentials.

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