July 5, 2022

Evan Rachel Wooden ‘filed A Police Report About Marilyn Manson’s Wife’

She also shared posts from Manson’s different alleged victims, information stories documenting the claims, and an article responding to the questions being leveled at the ladies who have come ahead. Actor Charlyne Yi also alleged Manson harassed her and other ladies on the set of the Television sequence House and mentioned when she spoke out about the abuse three years in the past she had obtained demise threats. The actor mentioned a conversation about the pictures ‘occurred on a discord channel’ and she shared screengrabs of a chat between two accounts on the app. Right here is among the photographs. Wood shared what she stated were a few of the photographs in query including one among her and Manson collectively, with Wooden sporting his hat and the drawn-on Adolf Hitler-model mustache. They did not go into detail about their relationships with Manson however all three said he was an abuser. The girls’s allegations range however all say Manson left them with PTSD after forcing them into blood pacts, plying them with medication, becoming violent with them and gaslighting them.

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