July 5, 2022

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[Event Review] Thousands of strange game Falcon 20-17 defeats Saints

On December 8th, Beijing During December 8th, the Nanyuan Warring States Union No. 1 seed compensator New Orleans Saints Restaurant Challenge last season super bowl of Asian military Atlantan Falcon. Saints John Journey to junction, re-use two running Weava Mara and Engram, supplemented by Dru Bris’s high-quality pass, and the record is very good. The hunter is too strong in the strength of the season. Although it is still within the row, the record is still not ideal.

The opening of the saints first, and it is to continue to explore the value of the two running guards. A 10-yard cross-Ram ran out of 3 yards, two seven-yard Kamara latch slots, and the spatial pickup of the outer hand opened the whole 23 yards. After that, the Carmala continuously got 8 yards, but in the second attack, the helmet hit the arm helmet was injured, and only leaving the scene to accept the inspection. The saints will be lost. After Drew Bris began to play, first short pass Thomas got the first attack, and the next 10 yards found Hill again to get the first attack again to advance to the Red District. However, the three-stage offensive did not get enough number of codes, the Falcon defensive group extended the ground attack of the Saint, and the Saint chose any ball shot, 3-0.

Falcon offensive, a 10-size Matt-Lan direct midway run Guide Vonta – Fremman won the 8 yards, then the Sainted two fouls sent a first attack. Two-speed offense, the key three-speed 6 yards, Matt Lane finds the middle number one large outside Hurio Jones, the latter continuously get rid of three times, and even pushed 38 yards! But the red zone defense of the saints is very effective. It has applied enough pressure on Matt Ryan, and there is no choice of running twice. Any ball shoots, 3-3.

Saint-attack, Kamara’s next time, Dru Bris needs to take more advanced responsibility. It feels good to have a good man. It has repeatedly shorted to find out the goal. However, in the half-field, wholesale jerseys free shipping the falcon is prevented, choose to discard kick. Falcon’s three-speed offense is fully suppressed by Saints, and also choose to abandon the kick. Saint San 200 6 yards, Dru Bris did not hesitate to find the left Thomas, and promote 22 yards to attack half. However, the three gear offensive did not have enough codes, Brisseed once. Falcon offensive, Matt Ryan doesn’t want to show weakness, find your own second hand Muhammund-Sanu, the latter get rid of the whole 20 yards. A 15 yard, Lien found the left Hurio-Jones, the latter domineering one-on-one transfer grabbed the ball to win the first attack. Then, the offensive front line continued to commit the mistake to cause Matlet to kill the foul, but Matt Ryan still found Fritman to get the first to enter the Saint Half half. Three gears 8 yards, Matt Ryan found Hope to get the first attack. Within the Red District, Fremman continuously got 8 yards, then Matt-Lan, very deceptive fake run, only one yard left. After that, the Falcon has played several tricks, let the attack cut into the end area intended to catch the ball, but it has not been successful. The three gears score, Fremman won the end of the large-blade running in the left to the end! Attach is attached to 3-10.

Saints return to 35 yards to start attack, a 10 yard Bris fake delivery find Thomas to get the first attack, the next attack in Engram rushed to the first attack after riding the shower. Two-speed 6 yards still find Thomas cut to the middle road to get the first attack. Two minutes pause, the first attack in the Saint, Briser’s helmet direction and the dislocation of the eyes of the gods deceive the Falcon defensive group, directly found the long-term route, Liu Yi, the entire defensive second line is staring in Thomas, Lewis Perfect control footstep Wei enters the end area to get up to the battle! Additional diced kicks 10-10.

There are 1 minute 44 seconds left in the first half, and the second gear will get 2 yards, and the three gears 1 yliman gets the first attack. A 10-yard-Len-Lane finds Hurio-Jones get 6 yards without an outfagle, the second gear 3 yards continue to get a 6 yard. One-speed 10 yardmart-Ryan was copied by Rativo! Rativo has entered a half, only 4 seconds left in the first half, and the Saint Choose 47 yards, but attacked to illegal array, the game time is directly exhausted. The first half ends with a very dramatic end.

At the beginning of the second half, the Falcon first attack, but the first attack of the Falcon offensive Matt – Ryan once again been copied! Saint Saints started from the Falcon Half Square 30 yard line, Briser found in the left to remove the outside, and push 20 yards to enter the 10-yard line, then Engram he rushed out of 6 yards, three gears 1 yard, Bris Find the right road Tomas’s success! Attach the addition where to buy jerseys from china 17-10. The Falcon offensive group was played again, Matt Ryan was born in a row, and it was a little died, mainly relying on Fremman and Gabriel’s sports to get the first attack, after Matt-Lieni Hurio-Jones failed, three gears score, Matt Ryan passed the third time to copy! Turn all previous offensive efforts into bubbles.

Saints offense, Bris found Thomas to get the first attack, but the three-speed offensive false lunter made Bris pushful, guard against the back of the back, and prevent three consecutive ports, and the saints can only choose to abandon Kick. Falcon offensive, the second gear 10 yards Jika Khan directly put Matt Ryan killing, putting the attack into three gears 20 yards, this wave of offensive is reassemble, the falcon can only choose to discard kick. Saints attack, second gear 13 yards, Bris found Inglam to get 6 yards, three gear 7 yards Bristed by East Tower – wave to kill, the saints can only choose to discard kick, abandon kick to the Falcon half 30 code line. Falcon starts using insurance pavement attack, a Fremman pushes 7 yards, three gears 1 Matt-Lan short pass to get the first attack. The subsequent attack Matt-Lane almost has been copied.

In the last festival, the preservation of the falcon’s passage seems to have retrieved, giving Lane enough time to look for the number one after the number of Hulio Jones, the latter is not expected, and the first attack will enter the Red District. After Ryan he rushed, the middle passed the straight interpolation area, and the external hand Muhammad-Sanu completed the ball to reach, the Falcon 17-17 chased score!

Subsequently, the attack failed to get the build tree, abandoning the fight against the falcon, continued to advance. However, after entering the hinterland, the saints defensive second-line defense is not allowed, Matt Ryan is completely unable to find the goal of the ball, and he can only take 3 points by playing the kick hand Matt – Brian Special.

Saint offense, Michael Thomas Lounge slot directly advanced to the Falcon half a field, then the running guards in Engure Ram got rid of the hug and then won the first attack again. With the three-speed 1 yard, the Saint Offense Group entered the official pause of the last two minutes. Four files 1 yard, the Saint-Strong Saint-style Saint is unexpectedly used to use the quarter-saving one yard arch to complete the conversion. Enter the red area and check for the Saint-Jean finally receiving the first attack. Just a critical moment! Falcon Line Wei Dion – Jones completes the copy of the handfall! At the place of attack and defense, the Saint’s situation is very difficult.

Falcon must be on the pavement attack, but the plot is not simple. Fritmann, the Saint coach Sha En-Pelton rushed into the field and the referee dispute was blown by the yellow flag and sent to the Falcon new first attack. Subsequently, the falcon finished, and 20-17 defeated the New Orleans Saint.