June 26, 2022

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San Francisco 49 people two important player season reimbursement

San Francisco 49 people center Daniel Kilgore ended.

The team announced on Saturday that they have placed Kirgore in the injury reserve list, and he was fractured in the legs in the Sunday of Denver Mangma. The 26-year-old Kirore is a center cheap jerseys for sale 49 people in the first 7 games. In the case of reimbursement in the Kirgor season, the rookie Martin will be the first center.

In addition to the placement of Kirgor in the injury reserve list, 49 people also put the Supreme Guardian Kiesk Cook (Chris Cook) in the injury reserve. Cook injured in the legs of the gamma. He was listed as a header of the head to the left corner. In order to fill one of the lineup vacancies, 49 people announced a re-signed safety Wei-WenTron (Ray Ventrone), wholesale jerseys free shipping he is a skilled special group player. 49 people did not announce changes in other players on Saturday, which made them still have an vacancy in the 53-person list.

In the case of Cook and Kirore, 49 people currently have 15 players in the reserved list, except for Cook and Kilgon, there are 4 in the injury reserves. Players. There are still four players in the Reserve / Non-Football Injury List, and 1 player in the reserve / physically unable to perform. In the Reserve / Suspended list, wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china and 1 player in the injury reserves / designated to return (Injured Reserve / Designated to Return).