July 5, 2022

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Guo Yi outside card prospects: package worker @ 红 皮 (offensive)

The pass attack of Washington Red Leather has been largely a huge threat. In the past four games (all have been victory), the four-point Wei Koke Coss is the third good quarter, and he has successfully created an amazing 9.7 yard at the number of offensive codes. In these four games, he passed 12 that the ball is only 1 case. This season, Cossus has the highest success rate (69.8%) of the alliance, although Cousin has been copied 11 times, but the passive ball is still the best quarter wholesale nfl jerseys from china this season. One of them. The red skin does have selected the true first quarter-off at the 2012 dragons. Jordan Reed was one of the best borrows in the season. The number of 952 yards of the number of ball codes and 11 battles were reached. After the Det Shanjan Jackson season, the external combination with Pierre Galsson and Jamison Claude also needed all opponents to be vigilant. Compared with the highlight of the highlight, the road attack of the red skin is slightly mediocre. Alfred-Morris, which was a good season, is flat, and only 751 yards wholesale nfl jerseys from china the whole season and 1 time. And the three running guards of the red skin are only 4 times, which is less than the quartz. Continue to maintain efficient pass attacks, pavement offensive if they can also maintain threats, then the red skin attack will become more powerful.

“Cheng Rogers, defeated Rogers”, the winner of the package is indeed closely related to the four-point guard Alon Rogers. Although the performance of Alona’s performance throughout the season is struggling, he is still ranked 120.4 rating in all quartzwats. Under most cases, he was in most cases, and he completed 12 passes of 12 times under the defensive pressure. This is also the 2nd day since 2007. The packaging workers are still in the entire season of offensive weapons. 31-year-old James Jones is the best external hand in most of the packaging workers, but he is just a joint ball in the alliance. Landaur – Kobo has also manifested throughout the season, and the second grade of the second grade in the last season has been obvious, and it has fallen to become the sixth place in the League. The close-edge Richard Rogers have a wonderful play, but lacks stability. Compared with mediocrity passes, it is even a wonderful road attack. Although Edison Reed is obvious due to injuries and weight, it is clear in his “disappearing”, James Starks has a good play, cheap nfl jerseys china and Rogers run clearly this season. Packaging workers’ pavement offensive still have a battle.