July 7, 2022

JAN MOIR: Do Put A Sock In It! Time To Ring Out These Crashing Bores

In all of the corridors of Parliament, is there anyone so ghastly as Diane, the hypocrite who sent her son to a private college whereas criticising colleagues who sent their children to selective state grammars. Cumberbatch is one other a kind of stars who mentioned he wanted to ‘do his bit’ for the refugee disaster. JAN MOIR: I’m struggling to see previous the second- raters, the posh entitled, the chisellers, snivellers and diddlers who appear to be in control of working UK plc into the ground. ‘I’m not precisely leaping at the opportunity to get whipped and chained in your pink room of ache,’ Ana chirrups at one level, as if contemplating tidying her knicker drawer. With husband Nick Clegg and his social gathering in mortal political decline following the Election, 2015 seemed like a fine alternative for her to melt back into the relative obscurity of the authorized world.

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