July 5, 2022

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Pony Line Wei Da Liuz-Leadel is quite a teammate quartz

Although the cheap china jerseys free shipping player market has not been opened, the various rivers have already contacted the Indiana Polis Pima and the PHILIP RIVERS.

Darius Leonard is not anxious to follow the next court.

When the passenger podcast show, Lylnad said that he did not even consider the possibility of Rivers joined the pony. He believed that the current first quarter-free Jacob is more than the Jacoby Brissett. Breakfast in the last season. It is better than that of most people think.

“No, why do I have to do such a thing? No,” Le Nad is asked if it is considered Trusters. “I believe in Jacobi. Jacob is a quite excellent quarter-off. He demonstrated this when everyone was healthy at the beginning of the season. You can look at any quarter-saving, if your external connections are hurt, you The data will certainly drop. But when everyone is healthy, he has achieved 5 wins and 2 losses. You can look at any other quarter-saving. For example, I took Tom Brady, at last season, he Without (Rob Gronkowski), he did not have a big name, so his data fell. So, many people did not give (Brids) real strength to give enough praise, they I only saw his data at the end of the season, but they didn’t see the data when he was a healthy person. I feel that NFL has no respect to him enough respect. “

The pony refused to comment on whether it would introduce the players to replace Bridies.

The small horse was hit by a series of injuries in the offensive group, including the extraction of Ty Hilton. The close-up of Eric Eric Eric Eric is absent 5 games, cheap jerseys from china running toward Marlon – Maclon Mack is absent 2 games. Brilies is also affected by knee injury.

In the first 7 games in the season, the quarter-off guards in Brids reached 98.5. After himself and teammates were injured, he fell to 74.4 in the last 7 games in the season, and only one quarter-free expedition exceeded 80.

Letnad believes that Bridit in the early season of the season is his true level.

“There is no doubt,” said Lylnater. “I have been in pony for 2 years. Jacob is facing him every day. So I completely understand what the quarter-saving, completely understand what the leader he is, this is Si’anji In the early days, everyone knows Andrew Luck retired in the first week before the first game. Then Jacob is dead than to death. He has done all the help team to win. “

The current question is whether the Pony believes that Rivers or any other quarter-saving can be upgraded. If they decide not to introduce new quarter-off, at least the Brieris can be supported by the team defensive group leaders.