July 7, 2022

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Redskins External Road Kete Sen represent the state picked up

Because of injuries, the Redskins first-round 22, 2016 show, wide receiver Josh – Road Kete Sen (Josh Doctson) in his rookie season, played only two games last season, cheap nfl jerseys he played in 16 games, completed 35 pick ball, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping advancing 502 yards, six touchdowns made to prove that they still have the potential to kill is the red zone.

Road Kete Sen believes that as long as they stay healthy, he can look forward to feedback Redskins. Road Kete Sen said: “Confidence is the key, I was a little trance last year but this year I have completely calm down, feel at TCU playing time..”

Coach Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden) had the same idea: “After the first full season last year, he will participate in a greater number of files, and quarterback Alex – Smith (Alex Smith) running, reduce hesitation, more decisive. more confident when he ran the route. as long as we let him gain experience, he will become a better player. “

In addition to Kete Sen Road, Redskins wide receiver as well as a strong Jemison – Claude (Jamison) and wholesale jerseys online Paul – Richardson (Paul Richardson).