July 7, 2022

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Explore Dai Xi Joe – Boss and Lightning Contract Distribution Upgrade

On Wednesday, after the exploration of the “best offer” refused to accept the team’s “best offer”, San Diego lightning announced that they had withdrawn quotes, which may cause Boba in the expected future absent. Training and competition.

The focus of this contractual difference is still a salaries offset clause and the signature bonus that earlier. Bosa’s broker called the lightning. “Unfortunate.”

Lightning is in the statement that they offer this offer to Bossa on Tuesday, including: 1. Preliminary signing bonus is the most in the past two wholesale nfl jerseys usa dragons; 2.2016 In this year’s rookie is second only to Philadelphia Eagle Carson Wentz; 3. Since the 2011 new labor agreement promulgated, the first calendar year has a maximum number of signature bonuses, which is also the largest player.

On the other hand, the Bosa issued a statement called lightning “has decided to fabricate the facts and negotiate through the media.”

According to informed sources, lightning is willing to pay 85% of Bosa 17 million sign prize while signing the contract and pay the remaining part at the beginning of the year next year. Bosa insisted on getting all signature bonuses before the end of this year. Lightning is not willing to cancel the salary offsets clause in the contract, and they said that 29 people in the first round of the first round this year have this provision.

On the 28th team, the lightning and Bosa tried to terminate the contact after Boss, July 28, will not report to the training camp. However, in the past two weeks, the two weeks have begun to negotiate, and the lightning hopes that Boba can participate in the training camp so that the team can make him ready to participate in the new season.

According to wholesale nfl jerseys rules, Boss cannot be traded in this season. If he still has no contract on August 9, lightning cannot trade his ownership to other teams. If the Bosa is still signed, he can sign a removal with the lightning in the first day of the 2017 draft.