July 5, 2022

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[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 6th Week: There is only one left unbeaten

Beijing October 16th, the 6th week of regular season, the Chief of the Kansas City is not enemified by the patriots. At present, the unbeatened team of the Alliance only has only one of the Los Angeles ram in the National Union West.

The following is this weekly newsletter (the visitor is before, the main team is behind):


Philadelphia Eagle 34: 13 New York Giants

on Monday

Arizona Redshis 17: 27 Minnesota Viking

Indianapolis Tima 34: 42 New York Jet

Seattle Sea Eagle 27: 3 Auckland Assault

Los Angeles Lightning 38: 14 Cleveland Brown

Buffalo 13: 20 Houston Texas

Pittsburgh Steel Man 28: 21 Cincinnati

Tampa Bay Pirate 29: best site for cheap nfl jerseys 34 Atlantan Falcon

Chicago Bear 28: 31 Miami Dolphin

Carolina Black Leopard 17: cheap stuff from china free shipping 23 Washington Red Leather

Los Angeles Roof 23: 20 Denver Musab

Jacksonville America 7: 40 Dallas Cowboy

Baltimore 21: 0 Tennesi Toyan

Kansas City Chief 40: 43 New England Patriot


San Francisco 49 people 30: 33 Green Bay packaging