June 26, 2022

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Titan General Manager: New Aid to the Hand Vike – Bisley missed the training camp

Tennesi Titan General Manager Qiong Robinson said that he expects Vic Beasley to report to the training camp in recent years.

The old man was absent from the new two-day new crown virus detection and was put into the team to report to the team. Robinson issued a statement called him in contact with Bisley.

“On Tuesday, July 28, we put Vic Bisley in the list,” Robinson said. “I have been in touch with Wik, he didn’t here, he understood that he was absent for no reason, he told me that he would report to the training camp in the near future. We currently pay attention to the player here, let everyone adapt to epidemic prevention regulations. Team base and training arrangement. We will give him the same adaptation process after Vic. “

nfl jerseys TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort has reported that Titan did not contact Bisley on Wednesday.

Titan signed Bisley this year, hoping to strengthen the team’s ball shock strength, and cheap jerseys the front first round show player got a 1-year contract, hoping to use excellent performance to win more next year. Big contract. However, he is not smooth in Titan.