June 30, 2022

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Texas people defensive Director J.J. Watt: Did not maliciously in Bore – O’Brien

Tuesday, J. J. J. Watt released a photo of the sun raised from Houston Texas, and cheap fake oakley sunglasses after an interview, he was very good at an interview.

After the Texas people, I was dismissing the master Shuai Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien), Watte said this is a “new beginning.” He believes that the team has a good opportunity in the future.

“One of the things I feel excited now is that we will be able to agree with the fans group again,” Watt said. “I think this is very important. In the past few months and a few years, we and the fans are of course somewhat nervous, I can’t wait to make us once again move toward the same direction. I think we and the fans are a bit out of touch, as One team of a team, I feel that your fans can’t fully support you in the hope. “

“I am so excited because I have spent some of the best time here. Nothing is better than the city all together and to cheer better with Houston Texas.”

These words of Watt are very interesting, because in general, when a coach is dismissed, the team has a bit rotten in the public relations to deal with, but this process usually takes place when hiring new coach. However, I have listened to Watt that O’Brien’s left is the key to re-establish contact with fans.

Watt did not explicitly explain his meaning, but the outwards he mentioned may refer to O’Brien’s change in the team’s general manager. One of these most important decisions is to deal the star outside Deandre Hopkins to Arizona, and the deal is deducted and the David Johnson. This transaction not only returns the proportion, but also lets the four-point guards DESHAUN WATSON have lost the most important offensive weapons.

In Texas players, it has lost fun for O’Brien playing. NFL TV Network Reporter James Palmer confirmed that when he asked if the Texas players O’Brien have lost their lockers, they each gave affirmative answer.

When I was asked with him, Watt evaded the problem, and cheap oakley sunglasses china he turned to the O’Brien and looked forward to the future.

Watt said: “I thank Bill to do something here. I am very grateful to Bill. You tried to let me slamming him. We won 4 partition champions in 6 years. I want to evaluate Bill – The important O’Brien is that he always maintains his own players. I have been meeting with him or do this kind of thing, and there is still a place to work hard to support your own players, and give the player Best support. I really believe that he always do what we think is the most favorable for this team. “

“So I don’t have malicious to him. So there is no malicious. But I really look forward to the beginning of the new beginning. I really think that I am full of vitality and excitement in the team, we look forward to the winning.”