July 1, 2022

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The chief announced Eric – Berry will return to the game

Kansas City chief announced that this team was safeguarded on Tuesday night, wholesale jerseys from china and the Eric Berry confirmed that he would return to the field at local time on Wednesday morning. Since December last year, there is a treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoid cancer, Berry has been treated, wholesale jerseys and he has also missed the final five games last season until his cancer treatment is over last month.

Berry will make a detailed description of the media on Wednesday, and cheap jerseys online the Airate team will also elaborate the follow-up treatment plan of Beli in the outside world. Successful return to the field training undoubtedly declares that Berry’s health is greatly improved, indicating that Berry himself and its team have sufficient confidence in his physical condition. The chief representation that Berry is confirmed to return to the training ground after accepting repeated inspections.

Berry’s returning is a comfort of the chief because it will accept the knee surgery by the same day, cheap jerseys free shipping the DONTARI POE will receive knee surgery because of the injury. It is likely to absent some regular sessions. In addition, the main corner of the team, Schan Smith, also was banned from the three games.

Berry was selected by the chief of the first round of the first round of the first round, and the defensive capacity was fully selected, and the defensive ability is one of the representatives of the new generation of the alliance. However, although Berry has begun to train, when can I return to the official game or an unknown number.